DAK LAK coffee

Our coffee comes from Dak Lak province, which is the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is called the “capital” of Vietnamese coffee because there are boundless green coffee fields on the local basaltic hills which are always full of wind and sunshine

The Western Highlands Agro-Forestry Scientific and Technical Institute (WASI) has sorted coffee varieties by picking the clone varieties which yield high output and big beans. This meets the norms for export and the beans are resistant to the disease of Hemileia vastatrix Bet. Br. This produces over 65% with a high quality, big bean of Grade 1, thus increasing competitiveness in the world market. WASI has also built nursing gardens to grow clone robusta strains, which have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Located in Dak lak Coffee capital, it is an ideal location to obtain fresh and best quality coffee bean to produce perfect coffee products. Our production process goes through:

Steps of producing strong coffee


Harvesting the Cherries

Only the ripe cherries are harvested, and they are picked individually by hand

Drying the Beans

The freshly picked cherries are simply spread out on huge surfaces to dry in the sun

Milling the Beans

Hulling, Polishing, Grading and Sorting


Tasting Coffee

Coffee is repeatedly tested for quality and taste, to determine their characteristics and flaws for the purpose of blending different beans or creating the proper roast

Roasting Coffee

Roasting transforms green coffee into the aromatic brown beans depend on desired flavor and taste

Grinding Coffee

A proper grind is to get the most flavor in a cup of coffee. How coarse or fine the coffee is ground depends on the brewing method.

Packing Coffee

A proper packing method to protect coffee aroma and flavour


Our factory


Our shop


Visit our coffee shop in Pacific Mall to enjoy a SUPER STRONG TASTE FROM VIETNAM. All the coffee bean served are imported from Vietnam characterized with very strong taste, a perfect match for Condensend Milk Coffee (dripping style)

Besides, you will have a variety choice of Tea and Dessert

Reward yourself a sweet treat after a long working week

Welcome to Coffee Dak Lak

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